2019 Speakers

Matthew Mars


Matthew Mars Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona Department of Agricultural Leadership and Innovation and Fellow at the Cardon Academy of Teaching Excellence. Matthew Mars’ research agenda generally aims to identify new insights on and develop a deeper understanding of the educational and organizational factors and dynamics that foster agricultural and community development. His research and upcoming talk is notably interdisciplinary with collaborations that intersect communication, ecology, and marketing.

Albertina Antognini

Is Marriage the New Deviance?

Albertina Antognini is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Arizona. Professor Antognini’s research and upcoming talk focuses on the regulation of non-marital relationships and considers how marriage and non-marriage interact across legal doctrines. Her scholarship has been selected for the Yale/Stanford/Harvard Junior Faculty Forum and her pieces have appeared in the UC Davis Law Review, Boston College Law Review, and the Harvard Journal of Law & Gender.

Bryant Valencia

Where is the Love?

Bryant Valencia, M.A. is a Doctoral student studying Higher Education. Bryant Valencia’s research and upcoming talk focuses on understanding how college instructors can implement opportunities for critical consciousness development in college courses, and ultimately address masculinity and patriarchal culture that generate marginalization on campus and in the local community.

David Galbraith

There is no Planet B

David Galbraith is a Ph.D Professor at the University of Arizona School of Plant Sciences, BIO5 Institute, Biomedical Engineering, & Institute of the Environment. Dr. Galbraith’s research and upcoming talk focuses on the hazards and effects of an artificial space environment has on living bodies. Specifically, Dr.Galbraith’s interests include biological instrumentation, developmental and tissue-specific gene expression in eukaryotes, functional genomics and proteomics, and issues in biodiversity.

Nooshin Warren

The Aftermath of Activism Advertising

Nooshin Warren Ph.D is an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Arizona Eller College of Management. Her talk concerns corporate activism and the formation of the corporation identity. She has won multiple awards for her research including the Mays Business School Outstanding Research Award.

Albrecht Classen

Transforming Students into Global Citizens

Albrecht Classen is a Ph.D Professor and President of the Arizona Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German. Dr. Classen’s experience and upcoming talk focuses on using a historically German/European lens (800-1800) to address, understand, and answer modern problems. His experience as a poet, professor, researcher, and world traveler has culminated in numerous awards/recognitions with 97 book publications and 666 scholarly articles.

Jeremiah Pate

Parkinson’s Disease: Fold or Fail

Jeremiah Pate is a sophomore at the University of Arizona studying biochemistry. He also owns his own satellite company called LunaSonde LLC,. Jeremiah is currently working on an algorithm to cure Parkinson disease. He experimented on fruit flies and was able to cure them. His talk for our conference mainly focuses on his research.